why a single mom should be president

single mom success








       single mothers are sovereign women.  that means, women who are in charge of our own queendom, and raise children without relying upon a man for primary support.  This gives us a uniquely powerful perspective.  And it is a perspective that our single & childless, or married with children, sisters, can learn from and look up to.  Sadly, I’ve noticed that the opposite is often the case:  there is sometimes a social stigma associated with being a single mother.  From my personal experience it appears that single mothers get more done, with more responsibility, and authenticity, than many other women.  This is leadership.

        when i was married, i noticed i often “watered down” my stand on certain issues because my husband was paying for me. when i started paying my own way, I was unwilling to be manipulated by money.  i became more real and honest about what i liked, and what i didn’t like.  When I was a dependent wife I judged single mothers for their humble homes, their constant busyness, and their lack of a man in their lives.  Why don’t they just get a man to help pay for them?  I wondered.   Now I know why.  Single mothers value our ability to create our own circumstances.  More than any outward show of opulence, our independence is priceless.  That is wealth.

       now that i have been sovereign for nearly 3 years, i am amazed at what we(my team of supporters & i), have been capable of: getting through some incredibly difficult circumstances to create victorious outcomes, creating 6 figure income, giving a generous percentage of income to spiritual teachers and charities, traveling for training and professional development, setting aside good savings, purchasing good organic food and housing for my family.   Many of my single & childless or married with children friends seem to have trouble giving as deeply and widely as we do.   I think we all can benefit from looking to the single mothers in our community for guidance in being wealthy, sovereign women.


single moms make great leaders because:

we know how to make money & prosper

we are used to long hours without complaint

we are mediators of conflict

we do what is right, not what will please others

we love and nurture, and we provide and care

we balance the budget

we stand up to bullies

we are not manipulated by financial bribes

we put the good of the whole above our needs

we fight for the safety and health of children

we create community and teams

we bypass drama, and create workability

we don’t pass the buck…we take responsibility.


bless all single moms, and those who
respect their leadership…Aho.


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