From consumer to producer~becoming prosperous through giving

The universe always exacts its due: whatever we give comes back to us.  And whatever we receive, or consume, requires an equal level of giving, or producing.    For us to become prosperous we have to become bigger givers. This is hard, when we each have our ingrained hoarding patterns and resentments that keep us from being generous, and cultural patterns too.  Sometimes we pretend to be a victim, but that is just a cover up for not giving. I see this pattern in some of my single mom sisters. Good to examine the underpinnings of our receiving. Are we taking out of a sense of entitlement? Or are we receiving with gratitude and real desire to give back?

Some signs you might be more of a consumer than a producer:

Do you receive more income from others than you give in labor and time?

Are you frustrated at how little control you seem to have over your circumstances?

Do you blame others for the way your life is?

Do you see yourself as a victim? Are you angry or bitter?

Do you hardly ever give tips, or extra donations of time, talents, money to others?

Are you dependent upon state support primarily for all your living expenses, with no future work strategy in sight?

Do you receive large gifts from others and forget to say “thank you”?

Do you resent others for charging money for their services, and refuse to ever pay people for things?  

Are you always expecting a handout?

I used to be dependent~upon my parents, upon my husband, upon the state.  Through a process of 10 years of spiritual practice, and help from wise others who have taught me to be more generous, now I am gratefully sovereign and self-sufficient, able to give to others and make a good living for myself and my children. There is a wonderful empowerment in being a producer.  Once I learned to give, give, and give more and more each day, I found that I was able to generate money easily, and had much more control over my life and circumstances. It has been wonderful!

Don’t get me wrong:  I am thankful for the gifts from the Universe that have sustained me, especially through hard times.  However, to only receive and to not give back, as a way of life for years and years, is the posture of a child, and leads to stagnation. For the flow of giving and receiving to continue it must be balanced.  I am even more thankful for my ability to give back, to nurture others and give others attention.  And honestly, giving to others as a way of life is what makes life work, for me.  It shifts my attention from my desire to “get” for myself alone, to my desire to help and share.  There is a natural flow of joy, and then the help, money, and opportunities I require naturally come.  All the bills get paid.  What a blessing, to finally learn to be an adult, through producing love.  I am very grateful.

Kathy Kali

The Wealthy Woman Coaching Program



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