Prosperity is bigger than YOU!


Many people who come to prosperity work think it is about the money. I know that was my motivation in the beginning.  Really, it’s about expanded consciousness.  When we put ourselves in a context of greater giving, and begin to share authentically of our gifts, suddenly we become channels for good.  We are world-changers, world-leaders, and world-givers.  It is amazing.  This context increases our feeling of deserving more money, and attracts more money to us.  And when we give, our consciousness is saying, “I HAVE it to give”, which attracts more of that experience of “having”, which is like a kind of trust, a sense that there is always plenty.

Learn to prosper by creating a bigger context for yourself that includes GIVING. I have given a percentage of my income to spiritual work for 10 years, and built a 6-figure income as a result. Prosperity comes when we get out of the notion that prosperity is for the self alone. It is not. It is to SHARE.  The “for the self alone” mentality is how wars, poverty, and famine have been created.  Let’s uncreate that, and create a world of plenty.  How much do you share of the income that comes your way?  And do you share with places and people for whose wisdom you are truly grateful?

Who has contributed to your spiritual growth?  And what kind of consciousness do you want to see thrive in the world?  When we align ourselves and give to these places, suddenly our work is not just about our little world, it is about the big world.  When we give to our spiritual source, we get….more help, guidance, love and support, from our spiritual source, and we keep those places of inspiration thriving so they may inspire many.  Some people think giving bigger means giving to charities, but that by itself is a little dangerous.  To give only to a need perpetuates a consciousness of need, and creates arrogance on the part of the giver, like, “rich me, poor them”.  Charitable giving needs to be combined with spiritual giving for the greatest benefit, and a consciousness of true gratitude on the part of the giver.

If you think you are going to sit on a stockpile of money when you get rich, think again.  Yes, you will have plenty to live a satisfying life.  Yes, all your material needs will be met.  And yes, you will be able to do a lot of good.  Truly rich people are givers, and they are continually circulating money for good purpose, to both spiritual and charitable works.  I invite you to think of your places of inspiration right now, and begin to give money, time, and talents there.  Notice how you feel, and what blessings show up for you.  It is truly amazing.


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