True Wealth~How Tight or Generous are we, really?



true wealth is generosity in action, in alignment with one’s core values and continually expanding based on one’s physical manifestations.  how wealthy are you?  i know plenty of people of humble means who give, or tithe, a lot of their time, talents & treasures to where they are receiving spiritual guidance, to charities, to their business, to friends & family.  that is wealth, in my book.  the continual circulation of resources based on an assumption that MORE always comes and that there is an infinite abundance for all.  i know a woman who by “society’s standards” lives a very humble lifestyle.  She lives in an apartment, with 3 dependents, works full time.  She is incredibly generous, always giving away food, gifts, and time.  She is cheerful and peaceful.  And her life works.

i also know some people who live in large fancy homes, drive very nice cars, and have large incomes or bank accounts, who do not share much.  One woman i know is quite wealthy by the outward demonstration, but is a recluse, hiding herself from people, and shunning interaction with others.  This woman has all the outward display of wealth, but not the corresponding wealthy action of generosity.  However, I saw this woman recently respond to a shower of gifts by giving a small gift back herself, so there is hope.  The prospering power of generosity can get through even to a poor little rich girl.

how much are YOU giving?  how is that giving aligned with your spiritual values?  Catherine Ponder, longtime prosperity teacher, whose writings in the 50s and 60s invigorated the conversation about giving, says give of your time, your talents, and your treasures, including money.  Re-frame all tightness, hoarding, and witholding tendencies, and freely circulate what you have.  John D. Rockefeller gave away 90% of his income ONGOINGLY.  That is what made him continue to be wealthy.  The law is that whatever we give freely comes back to us multiplied.  Truly a wealth-consciousness practice.

Are you wealthy?  Are you giving?  I invite you to go through your home and your life and find 10 hours of time you can give away, 10 skills or talents you can share, and 10 items you’d like to circulate, whether that is money, household goods, etc. Remember the poor little rich girl~How much you give is a true measure of your wealth, not how much you have.


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